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3 Ways to Manage Social Media After an Affair

3 Ways to Manage Social Media After an Affair

Social media is everywhere you look. First it infiltrated computers, and now it has infiltrated our phones and other mobile devices as well. But if your husband has had an affair, it’s natural for you to feel skeptical about every type of interaction he has with...

Rebuilding Intimacy In Marriage After An Affair

If you have either found out about, or your husband has disclosed his affair, it’s possible that you have decided to work on rebuilding your marriage. That is a wonderful decision, and you can be assured that God has healing in store for...

How to Catch Him Cheating

Click to Subscribe How to Catch Him Cheating Perhaps you suspect that your husband is having an affair.  In your gut you’re feeling something is off. The thought of it is consuming you, and it’s hard to think about anything else. Your main...

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