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FREE GUIDEBOOK: 8 Proven Strategies for Recovering From a Husband's Affair

Are you thinking this pain

is more than you can bear?

Are you:

Doubting your own ability to make good decisions for yourself?

Feeling overwhelmed because your marriage is unraveling?

Wondering how this is going to affect your children?

Embarrassed and lonely because no one else seems to really understand?

I understand because I too endured

an affair in my marriage.


You are…

exhausted from simultaneously dealing with the pain of betrayal, trying to keep your family together, and working on your marriage.

You desperately hope your marriage can still work but aren’t sure if you can fully trust your husband.

More than anything, you want to feel loved, safe, and secure.


I specialize in helping women heal from their

husband’s affair.

My personal experience with infidelity inspired my passion to help you move forward through the recovery process.  

I had no understanding of how to deal with the trauma of an affair. I turned to my pastor and a Christian counselor, but neither had a plan to help me recover, work through my grief, or stop the pain. I wish I had known someone who was skilled and able to help me when I first discovered my husband’s infidelity.  

Throughout my recovery, I learned valuable lessons about surviving my deep loss. I began to create a new life for myself. And thankfully, I eventually found love again.

Hello! I’m Carol

I’m a Christian counselor, marriage coach, speaker and an author of a book. I’ve been helping women over 10 years both in private practice and online and worked in a variety of therapeutic settings prior to this. My broad range of education and personal and professional experience has equipped me with a variety of tools and strategies for each unique woman’s struggles.

My goal is to provide a calm and safe place to support you and guide you through this phase in your life and empower you to feel good about your future.

My husband and I live in picturesque Beaufort, South Carolina where I enjoy flower gardening, bird watching and kayaking. I like to travel and try unique dishes.  I admit I’m a coffee snob!  I love everything coffee…lattes, frappucino, coffee ice cream and tiramisu. When I’m not working with clients, I enjoy making memories with friends and family. 

I look forward to getting to know you and hearing your story.

When I first met you I had just found out my husband had been cheating on me. I had no family support and the advice I was receiving from friends and co-workers wasn’t helpful. I needed an impartial and nonjudgmental professional, who could guide me and keep my personal matters confidential… You helped me work through the decisions I had to make and provided guidance that aligned with my faith and values. I feel stronger today and am experiencing contentment in my life, which I had thought was impossible.

You provided me the tools and resources to feel more confident about my future and I gained a better understanding of the grief process as a result of my heartbreak. Because of you, I began to have hope and peace knowing I had a blueprint to follow.



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